A Special Mother’s Day Dinner


mothers day brunchThanking our mothers for their hard work and love is something we should do every single day. However, Mother’s Day does give us an excuse to treat Mom to some extra love and appreciation with a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner.

Observed in various ways around the world, the modern version of the celebration was first held in the early 1900s and has become one of the most celebrated holidays of the spring season. However, celebrations of motherhood have existed for millennia and were recognized as early as ancient Greek and Roman times.

Choosing Mom’s Favorite Dish

One way you can choose to celebrate Mother’s Day is to take your mom to dinner where they serve special meals for the holiday. The fun part about planning a meal on Mother’s Day is that you can make the day special for her by taking her somewhere that serves one of her particular favorites.

For example, maybe you and your mom used to go to breakfast at the local diner when you were a kid whenever there was a school holiday. Remember those fun days with breakfast at Cindi’s NY Deli and a short stack of old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes. Or, order something fun that your mom would never have let you eat as a child, such as chocolate chip pancakes.

Perhaps you remember going to New York City when you were a kid, and your mom took you to this awesome New York deli where they sold these amazing ham and turkey sandwiches with provolone cheese. Relive that trip with a Mother’s Day dinner at Cindi’s NY Deli.

If you live near other family members and have siblings, you may want to confer with the entire family about Mother’s Day ideas and gifts. You might think about ways to make the day a relaxing and enjoyable experience if your mom always seems like she’s busy and never has any time to spare.

As you’re trying to figure out where to eat on Mother’s Day, you may want to add something meaningful to the meal like special Mother’s Day cakes or desserts. If your mom spent years treating you on your birthday and other holidays with fun desserts, maybe it’s time to return the favor with a piece of Boston cream pie from one of the best Dallas bakeries around.

Activities for Celebrating Mother’s Day

mothers day gift

Most Mother’s Day ideas start and end with cards and flowers, but you may want to get a little more creative this year. You know your mom loves hearing from you and tries to make the flowers you give her last as long as possible, but any extra surprises you can think of can make the day even more special.

One of the common laments of mothers is how quickly their children grow up, and it seems like it’s time to attend a high school graduation in the blink of an eye. You probably made fun little keepsakes in school when you were a child, and your mom probably has a pile of those old drawings in a shoebox somewhere.

This year, bring back happy memories with a handmade gift. The gift need not be something spectacular. Any little handmade bracelet, card, or drawing will do. Think about presenting this little token to your mom during your Mother’s Day brunch and following the meal with a bouquet of flowers.

Interesting Facts About Mother’s Day

You might send your mom a card and flowers each Mother’s Day, but did you know the woman who founded the modern holiday wanted the day to feature a somber remembrance of the family matriarch? Over time, this day of personal reflection was transformed into a more festive experience with gift-giving, flowers, and greeting cards.

The holiday has become so popular in the modern era that it’s actually one of the biggest national holidays for spending and giving gifts. The number of phone calls made on Mother’s Day increases dramatically over how many calls are made on any other Sunday.

Download our Daily MenuDon’t Forget Sunday, May 10th

Mother’s Day is celebrated on a variety of days around the world, but the United States celebrates this special holiday on the second Sunday of May. For 2015, Mother’s Day falls on May 10th.

This year, if you’re lucky enough to live close enough to your mom to see her for Mother’s Day, consider celebrating with her at a Mother’s Day restaurant where you can catch up on one another’s lives and have a fun Sunday afternoon.

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