Best Place to Lunch with Grandma (Dallas Observer)

Dallas Observer WinnerDallas Observer Best of 2005

“Remember the feeling of going to your grandma’s house when she’s made so many appetizing dishes that you can’t choose one, so you end up eating more than you thought humanly possible, and Nana (or Granny or MawMaw) still lays the guilt trip, “You barely touched your food. Don’t you like my cooking?” Avoid this whole debacle by taking your grandmother to gorge at Cindi’s, where she can enjoy deli favorites like latkes, stuffed cabbage and matzo ball soup. Cindi’s menu also offers page after page of more traditional American breakfast and lunch items (we’ll just say the waffle is delightful). If you’re feeling a wee bit peckish after all that, top it off with an old-fashioned egg cream or phosphate. We had to loosen our belt just thinking about it.”

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