Dallas Catering Services

Dallas Catering Services

Planning an event often requires juggling a variety of projects, and one of the most important is how you’ll feed your guests. Make Cindi’s NY Delicatessen Restaurant & Bakery a delicious part of your event catering needs.

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Want to wow your guests with mouth-watering patty melts and Philadelphia cheese steaks? Interested in a classic spread with steaks, spaghetti, or hamburgers? Here are some tips to help you make sure your guests come back for seconds.

Working with Corporate Caterers

Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep people engaged and active during a corporate meeting or conference. Making sure you plan for meal breaks before people start to lose their focus helps keep the energy and creativity level high.

However, you want to choose your foods carefully, particularly when you serve lunch and your attendees still have a few hours of meetings, panels, or other events to attend that day. So, you’ll probably want to avoid heavy party catering fit for a three-course dinner when you’re just looking to keep everyone refreshed in the middle of the day.

You might think about a filling yet hearty stew or soup, as well as some baked items like fresh bread. On the other hand, if you’re closing your event with a big dinner, you might think about going the whole nine yards with appetizers, steaks, and custom desserts.

Tip: Don’t forget snacks! For all-day events, make sure guests have refreshments throughout the day to keep hydrated and alert between meals.

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Getting Your Wedding Catering Just Right

One of the most important things to remember as you plan your reception is that you can’t please everyone. There’s a good chance one of your guests will have such strange food requests that you won’t be able to fully accommodate him or her.

Don’t worry! Your wedding reception is your celebration, and it doesn’t belong to anyone but you and your beloved. When you start looking at wedding catering in Dallas, try to accommodate different culinary needs, but don’t bend over backward to find the “perfect” menu.

Working with a restaurant that’s experienced with catering in Dallas is helpful because your caterer can give you suggestions on meal pairings and how to make sure your menu is delicious and sticks to your budget.

Remember: Your menu doesn’t have to be unique. It just has to be delicious. Trust your caterer to give you some fantastic meal recommendations.

Will Your Guests Sit Down or Graze?

There are meals that are best served to your guests as they’re seated at their assigned tables. Other events may work best when there’s a buffet table at the side of the room, and everyone can just take what they want from a variety of delicious plates and platters.

Events like weddings, corporate lunches, and anything with the word “formal” on the invitation will often feel best with a sit-down approach to the meal. When your guests can sit down for their meal, they reduce the risk of spillage on nice clothing.

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a casual event, sometimes you don’t need a bunch of tables and assigned seats. Have you considered a buffet styled like a deli? Your guests can make their own sandwiches with choices like corned beef, roast beef, turkey, and pastrami.

You’re probably getting hungry just thinking about your catering, right?


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Dallas Catering Menus

Choosing Your Menu

One essential task you’ll need to handle as you look at options for catering in Dallas is what menu to choose for your event. It’s fun to choose unexpected menu items, but don’t get too far off the beaten track.

If you’re hosting a breakfast, you’ll probably want to call in a restaurant that handles breakfast catering in Dallas. Serving hamburgers at a 7 A.M. meeting will probably raise a few eyebrows. However, there are some fantastic and creative choices you can make, even if you’re restricted to a breakfast menu.

For example, you might consider an omelet breakfast or brunch. There’s nothing quite like walking into a breakfast restaurants in Dallas when the chef is busy at work preparing chicken fajita omelets, and there’s a bevy of extras like sour cream, chives, and avocado.

Don’t Forget These on Your Menu

As you build your menu, there are a few features you’ll want to consider as you finalize things. While it’s impossible to cater to absolutely every guest’s personal wishes, you can make some choices that will make sure there are many options for many needs.

For example, imagine you’ve chosen to work with a bakery in Dallas to provide your guests with delicious breakfast-themed snacks like chocolate chip pancakes, pigs in blankets, and cheese blintzes.

Don’t forget to offer a few options that are low in sugar. If your event is large enough, there’s a good chance you’ve got a diabetic on your guest list. You might want to offer some diabetic-friendly foods like egg white omelets and fresh vegetables.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re serving lunch, and you’re working with a New York deli in Dallas. With all the delicious corned beef, turkey, ham, and pastrami, you might be forgetting about the vegetarians on your guest list. Make sure you provide a veggie sandwich option.

Catering Service Prices

How Much Food Do You Need?

You don’t want your caterers to show up without enough food to feed your guests. On the other hand, you don’t want to see your guests looking at empty plates. So, how do you measure how much food your event catering service needs to bring?

You’ll begin by giving your caterer an accurate head-count for your event. One of the reasons it’s so important to get people to RSVP early for your event is so you can work with your event or corporate catering company to design a proper meal plan.

If your catering needs will feature beverages, pastries, entrees, appetizers, and desserts, you’ll usually want to make sure you have at least one serving of each menu item for each guest, as well as a few beverages each.

Consider: If you’re serving dessert, get a few extras. People always love dessert when it’s available!

Plan Early and Often

Catering should be an exciting part of planning your event. Remember to work with your caterer early so you can hammer out all the details and get everything situated before the day of your event.

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