Downright Delicious Food (YouPlusDallas)

Hungry Dallasites have been coming to Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery for 20 years because of the wide spread of mouth-watering food. Specializing in anytime-of-day breakfast, as well as classic chicken soup, chicken fried chicken and open faced corned beef, everything is made in house, and meats are ordered in from New York.

In this taste bud-teasing video, meet Owner Anh Vo, who moved to the States from Vietnam in 1979. Described by her loyal patrons as a classy, good-hearted woman who takes care of you, Vo’s restaurant has converted former New Yorkers-turned Dallasites into believers. It’s got to be the delicious authenticity of Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery.  Read the full article

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