How owner of Cindi’s made bridge between Asian, Jewish communities (Texas Jewish Post)

“When I attended the Jewish War Veterans/JWV Auxiliary meeting on a recent Sunday morning, it was with no idea that I’d witness a welcome, growing intergroup connection in the Dallas area — and that I might even be a part of it.

I arrived early for the 9:30 a.m. breakfast and took a seat at one of the many round tables set up in the JCC’s Senior Lounge. A few coats on chairs marked spots that people had informally “reserved,” and one of them was soon occupied by a young Vietnamese man named Anthony Tran. He is editor/publisher of Asia World, a glossy quarterly publication originating in its office on St. Paul Drive in Richardson — the very heart of the Dallas area’s Asian community. With him was a “no nonsense — this means business!” camera; he had come to learn about JWV and take some pictures for his paper. Why? Because of Ahn Vo…..”   Read full article

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